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Tolbachik volcano

Tolbachinsky Dale is one of the most unique places of Kamchatka. Tolbachik is situated in the south-west part of the Klyuchevskaya volcanic group. This place is famous for the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption (GTFE) which includes North and South Fissures (1975-1976). The North Fissure consists of slag cones, hardened lava flows, coming down the western slope, slag fields, which formed during the eruption and spread over the territory of more than 1000 km2. The lunar vehicle tests were operated in this area in the USSR period.

Even after more than 35 years after that great eruption the area is still like a fantastic planet’s surface. The lifeless, at the first sight, slag fields, the chains of variegated slag cones, scattering in numerous directions,  volcanic bombs, moving of the dead forest, fixed by the hot breath of the volcano, and bright northern patterns created by flowers on the dark slag.

The last eruption in 2012-13 attracted the volcanologists and lovers of volcanic activities here. Plosky Tolbachik is the only volcano in the Kuril-Kamchatka zone which erupts in the Hawaiian type. It means that during its eruptions the extended flows of liquid lava flow down, the lava gushes and there is not much volcanic slag. The period of Tolbachik volcanic activity is about 35 years. The volcano has been observed since 1740. Since then 10 eruptions has been fixed, 4 of them were great. The last eruption started on the 27th of November, 2012, at the south-west slope of Plosky Tolbachik. The lava began to gush and flow from the 6 km in length fissure. The eruption lasted for 9 months and finished on the 28th of August, 2013. The total volume of 2012-2013 lava at the end of the eruption was about 0,5 km3. The lava covered the area of 36 km2.


From 565 $ Person

Tour program

Departure from PKC. Transfer to Kozyrevsk village
Stop in Milkovo village for lunch
Arrival at Kozyrevsk village
Accommodation in tents
Transfer to the Tolbachik volcano foothill
Arrival at a camping spot, putting up a tent camp
Visit to the Dear Forest (by car) or trekking to the lava flows of 2012-2013 eruption
Return to the camp
Dinner and overnight under tents
Ascending the Tolbachik volcano (depending on weather conditions**)
Lunch (boxed lunch) 
Return to the camp
Dinner and overnight under tents
Departure for PKC 
Stop in Milkovo village for lunch
Arrival in PKC
13 July – 24 August
From 565 $ Person

Level of Difficulty

  • Medium


from 10 persons

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10 pax. – $565 / €500
12-15 pax. – $495 / €440


  • Transfer 
  • Guides and cooks' services 
  • Meals according to the program 
  • Group equipment (tents, mats, field kitchen) 
  • Insurance

Not included

  • Lunch in Milkovo
  • Strong drinks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Other services not mentioned in the program

  • small backpack for personal things
  • trekking boots
  • spare clothes and boots
  • waterproof jacket with hood
  • trainers, trouses
  • cap or warm hat
  • mittens or gloves
  • sunglasses
  • plastic bottle or light flask for water

  • trekking sticks
  • head-light with batteries
  • anti-sunburn remedy
  • anti-mosquito remedy
  • spare clothes
  • chapstick for lips
  • photo- video- equipment
  • other personal things at the tourist's discretion

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