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  • Tours „Winter Fairy-Tale“, „June Mosaic“, „Amazing Kamchatka“, „Water and Flame“ are operated on fi xed dates. Operating of these tours is guaranteed even at minimal pax number  (1-2 persons). For the tour „Winter Fairy-Tale“ minimal number of tourists – 2 persons, meanwhile for other tours – 1 person  (in case of single accomodation payment).  
  • Join-in groups. The members of a join-in group can be either Russian tourists or foreigners. If there are any foreigners in the group, then the group is conducted either by two guides – Russian speaker and an interpreter or by one Russian and English speaking guide, depending on the number of persons in the group.  
  • Accommodation. Mainly we use hotels, located in Paratunka village region in 60 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and in 25 km from Elizovo airport, for accommodation. Paratunka is famous for ist hot thermal waters. Each hotel has its own swimming-pool with hot thermal water which can be visited free of charge from morning till late evening. 
  • Maximum possible number of members in the group. Usually the number of members in the group doesn’t exceed 15 persons. The tours are organised in such a way that any other person can join the group for one or another excursion. For instance, for sea cruise minimal number of persons required is 10 persons, for helicopter excursions – 18 persons. In such cases our  tourists join regular excursions (if the number of our tourist group  is fewer). Also we take other tourists for ascendings, fl oating, when these tourists are interested in one-day trips. So the number of persons varies from 2 to 20-25 persons depending on the day. 
  • Arrival and Transfers. On arrival day the tourists are met by the guide holding the sign with „Kamchatintour“ written on it. The guide takes the tourists to the hotels and helps with check in. On this day our guide informs the clients about the tour details and the time of  meeting on the following day. Only transfers on fi xed days are included in the tour price. If the  tourists arrive or depart on any another day the transfers should be paid additionally. The money for unused group transfer is not refunded.
  • Start of the excursions. The time of transfer from different hotels depends on the transport. The transport gather the tourists at all the hotels in Paratunka. If the clients stay at a hotel in  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the meeting point is Avacha hotel. As a rule, the time of the transfer and the number of group members becomes clear in the evening before departure. The tourists are informed by their guide at the end of each day excursion. If there is no information to this time yet, the guide makes a phone call in the evening or asks the hotel receptionist to give the information to the guests. 
  • Payment for tourist services. The payment can be made in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card. If you order a join-in group tour it is necessary to pay 50% of the whole tour price in order to confirm the booking. The rest of payment must be made not later than 30 days before the tour starts. 
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