Kuril lake
The Kurilskoye is a unique beautiful lake located on the territory of the Yuzhno-Kamchatsky Preserve in the south of Kamchatka peninsula. The Kurilskoe Lake is famous for being one of the largest salmon spawning ground in Kamchatka, and a great number of brown bears is attracted here. One can observe the astonishing scenes of bears fi shing in their natural habitat from a special safe viewing tower built for tourists near the lake. Professional guides accompany the tourists during all the excursion.

The lake has a volcanic origin. It is located at the foot of two volcanoes – Ilinsky and Dikiy Greben, which enter its water. One more interesting object is the Heart of Allaid, which  shape reminds of a heart. The lake has a volcanic origin. Two impressive volcano cones (Kambalniy and Ilinskiy) that frame the lake create a captivating view. On the way back the helicopter will land at the Khodutka hot springs where you can have lunch, rest and bathe.

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