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Mutnosky Volcano
The volcano has erupted not less that 16 times during the history of its observation. The most powerful eruption took place in 1848. Scientists can not observe any regularity in its activity, though the eruptions are characterised by the periods of calm lasting for 1 year. The longest period of calm lasted for 44 years (1854-1898), the shortest – for about several months.
The eruptions usually take place in the Active crater.The two last eruptions were rather weak. The frst one took place on the 1st of January, 1961, in the Active crater. The second one took place almost 40 years later, on the 17th of March, 2000, when there was an explosion under the southern slope of the volcano at 6:56. During all the rest of the time the volcano constantly emits fumaroles. Mutnovsky has one of the most powerful fumarole felds in Kamchatka and the whole world – this is one of it’s outstanding characteristics. Another parameter is rare lava flows.The Mutnovskiy volcano is represented by 4 merged cones, the tops of which were destroyed by volcanic activity of various character. At the place of the eastern top a somma was formed. Later a slag cone grew in it. Now it is the highest point of the volcano.
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