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Excursions Summer-Fall

Trekking to Camel Mountain (territory of Nalychevsky Natural Park). Trip to the Pacific Ocean Coast - Khalaktirsky Beach
Individual Price Rub5,000.00

The Valley of Geysers really has the right to be called “the pearl of Kamchatka”. The valley is unique in its beauty, majesty and number of fountaining geysers gathered on one and the same territory.

Tour price per 1 person: $740
Duration: 5 - 6 hours
Group: 18 persons
Season: July - October
Join-in groups: July - September daily

Individual Price Rub37,000.00
The Avachinskiy volcano (2751 m) is one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka often called “home volcano” among its people. Its crater is filled with hardened lava above which you can see rising clouds of fumaroles.
Individual Price Rub5,000.00

The Kurilskoye is a unique beautiful lake located on the territory of the Yuzhno-Kamchatsky Preserve in the south of Kamchatka peninsula. The Kurilskoe Lake is famous for being one of the largest salmon spawning areas in Kamchatka, and a great number of brown bears is attracted here.

Price per 1 perosn: $720
Duration: 5-6 hours
Min. groups: 18 persons
Operation season: July-October
Join-in groups: July-September - daily (when group of 18 pax is gathered)

Individual Price Rub36,000.00
«Kainyran» - is an ethnic style village which introduces you to the culture of the native Kamchatka people (Koryaks, Itelmens and others).
Departure date To be confirmed

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